Fowler and Holden Ltd manufacturers of FastFlow bridge drainage continues to invest in plant improvements. The company is currently installing and commissioning a new sand reclamation system that will improve productivity, use less electricity and give significant benefit regarding the foundries environmental impact.

The project is part of an overall plan to increase the capability and capacity of the production plant based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. This follows a significant increase in demand for the FastFlow product over recent years as the customers, designers and contractors learn for themselves that the product is the strongest, highest capacity, most cost effective, and most flexible system on the market. 100% recyclable and made 100% in the UK FastFlow is fast becoming the preferred choice for drainage on structures.

As the only product in the UK to meet the higher Type I specification it also protects designers and installers from possible liabilities surrounding the CE mark which states, designers and specifiers have an obligation to ensure that products are installed correctly to meet the D400 specification.

Products must be installed to at least the same methodology as they were tested to be compliant. Type I products are tested free standing without any additional support.