• Surface and sub-surface bridge deck drainage solutions

    The only Type-I D400 bridge drainage product

  • The strongest and highest capacity bridge drainage unit on the market

    The only Type I D400 bridge drainage product specifically designed for compliance on structures

  • Produced in any size to suit your design and compliant at point of purchase

    100% Recyclable

Unrivalled Specification

FastFlow bridge deck drainage provides a complete drainage solution for both bridges and standard groundworks. All units are D400 loading EN1433 compliant.

Expansion Joint Solutions

Allowing for movement whilst keeping the joint dry is of primary importance on any bridge. We manufacture a range of products for crossing an existing or new expansion joint.

Quality & Accreditation

FastFlow is the only UK produced Type-I D400 bridge drainage product which carries the EN1433 and a Kitemark. We have a reputation for high quality & assured engineered products.

Why Use FastFlow Bridge Deck Drainage?

Over 200,000 units installed

Over 200,000 units installed since the year 2005 and zero failures. FastFlow is the best product for withstanding a heavy traffic interface on bends, corners, roundabouts and junctions. Our units are straightforward to install and are manufactured to the client's size and flow rate requirements.

The only products on the UK market to provide integral strength in their own construction, this means that FastFlow doesn't require any additional concrete or other physical support to achieve the required load-bearing capability. Our units can also be supplied with reflective strips or cats eyes attached for increased road safety and kerb visibility

Made to your specification

FastFlow is produced at our UK foundry and offers effective drainage systems, catering for both surface and sub-surface bridge drainage. Any size and type can be produced with any combination of width, depth, upstand and profile

fastflow fastflow

Integral Strength

Our FastFlow products are the only products on the UK market to provide integral strength in their own construction.

Special Units

We also provide rodding units with a variety of removable lid options and outlet units with any outlet configuration.

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