Rodding, outlet and special units

Because FastFlow is manufactured to exact customer specifications, there is an unlimited variation of ancillary units available. As the manufacturers of the product F&H Ltd can engineer any configuration of unit size and shape. We are able to provide solutions to on site issues when the drainage line needs to be altered to work around existing or unplanned services.

Our bespoke units include the following:

  • Rodding Units with a variety of removable lid options
  • Outlet units with any outlet configuration, size, exit angle or location, base, end or rear end units
  • Transition units that allows for a smooth change in unit size along a run
  • Special Rodders with oversize removable top and bottom for sump access
  • Drop Down Kerbs and Flush Units that allow the drainage run to continue uninterrupted across a pedestrian crossing or vehicle access point. Available with solid or heel guard tops
  • Pinch point units for heavily trafficked or vulnerable areas
  • Intermediate units to allow for changes in run width and depth

All units are manufactured to the same strict quality requirements for all our Kitemarked products. Our pinch point units are particularly useful on heavily trafficked junctions, roundabouts and areas subjected to HGV traffic.

Use of FastFlow on areas such as bus stations, lorry parks and car parks provides the highest strength product available in the most demanding areas.

Whatever the problem, FastFlow has a range of complementary ancillary units that gives the contractor a solution.

drop down unit
rodding unit
radius drainage

"We also provide bespoke engineering solutions. Visit the Fowler & Holden website for more details."