Expansion joint problems solved

The Expansion Joint on a bridge often proves to be the most problematic area for both contractors and designers. Allowing for movement whilst keeping the joint dry is of primary importance on any bridge.

Fowler & Holden manufacture a range of products that enable the designer or contractor to cross an existing or new expansion joint. We work closely with Ekspan Ltd to provide a complete expansion joint solution if required. We offer several types of expansion joint drainage ranging from a small single pipe unit to a large capacity unit suitable for use where high flow rates are required.

Our expansion units can allow horizontal, vertical, axial and lateral movement of the joint. Every unit meets the same stringent requirements as our FastFlow bridge drainage units and is load tested to D400. The units are manufactured from cast components so offer the same robust construction and reliability of a standard unit.

F&H ltd also provide bespoke engineered solutions for joints that are non standard or need to be mated to non standard drainage units. We have a solution for any size or configuration of expansion joint.

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